Pizza Hut

Address: SCO 33, HUDA Market, Sector 56, Gurugram, Haryana 122002, India
Phone: +91 124 398 8398
Location: 28.4280210 , 77.0997680


Good place for having a small party or celebrating kids b'day
- Gaurav Mendiratta

I would have given it 5 stars but the atmosphere there was dead - no music of any sorts, the place certainly could've been cleaner (although it was pretty late in the night when I went there) and the place had its share of flies. Not as bad as the Dominoes I visited earlier in the day, but still bad enough for me to note the four flies discussing important national events on one table and a loner looking for scrapes of food on a different table. The food itself was nice, as expected - The Garlic Bread and Pizza were de-lish, the Truffle cake was rock solid though perhaps frozen. Staff was friendly and busy. Edit- PH is asking me to elaborate the "Hygiene Concerns" I had & I don't know how to reply except editing this. I think houseflies in a commercial eating establishment, especially internationally renown one at that should be a concern. Nobody likes to have those pesky disease carrying drones around. Cleanliness & Hygiene is why people are willing to pay a premium for the products.
- Amit Mitra

Mouthwatering pizzas..😋.....if u want have pizza go for this restaurant...they have variety of pizzas...very cheesy, crispy and very delicious pizza......Pizza means Pizza Hut...😋😋
- Anil Sharma

I spotted a unique kind of insect on their table, don't know what's in their kitchen.
- Shobhit Kwatra

Nice place to hangout with your family and friends
- Abani Shankar